Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Internship and Employment opportunities!

Do you need an internship?

We offer internships for current students: Check it out on our Learning Opportunities page.  All the details are in the flyer, also available here:

2016 Internship Flier

Our Internship structure is very fluid so that it may be fitted to the individual student's needs and goals.  You may request a whole farm internship or a focused one on Vegetables or Livestock.

General schedule:
Vegetables: 1 harvest day (Mon/Tues or Friday), 1 Market day (Wed. or Sat.), and 1 general work day.  Minimum 20 hours per week, unpaid.  Hours beyond 20 will be paid but are not guaranteed.

Livestock: 1 Market day (Wed. or Sat.), 1-2 general work days.  16-20 hours per week, unpaid.  Hours beyond 20 will be paid but may not be livestock related.

Whole Farm: Same as vegetable requirement.

To apply, we request that you send us an updated resume and cover letter detailing your goals and how you think our internship could contribute to attaining that goal.

Do you need employment?

We will be hiring part time laborers for vegetables and possibly for ad-hoc livestock fencing work from May through October.

To apply for employment opportunities send us your updated resume and cover letter.  We want to know your employment needs and how you think employment with Omache Farm can further your goals.

Never written a resume or cover letter?  WSU Students can head over to the Academic Success and Career center on campus for assistance.  We are not as familiar with UI's resources but are certain they have something similar.

*Hours, especially harvest, will be early.
*You will need reliable transportation to our farm which is about 10 miles south of Pullman and just 11.7 miles from Beasley coliseum.
*You will be working daily with your hands and back.  Must be able to routinely lift and carry 50 lbs

*NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED - be willing to learn!