Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Updates Updates Updates

Tons of updates all around!

Our newsletter page here has all of our newsletters in PDF format available whenever you wish to view them.

We have some new videos available on our You Tube channel as well: one watching just how quickly our shearer, Martin Dibble, can shear a ewe.  One watching him shear our largest ram-takes a wee bit longer, especially since I think the ram outweighs Martin by a good bit.  The last one is much longer: Martin helped Ryan, our Intern (who you will have a change to meet more in depth at a later date) shear a yearling ewe.  It takes about 15 minutes or so but it's quite educational and very cool to watch.  Ryan did a fantastic job!

There are also plenty of photos from shearing available on our flicker photo page which should have it's own tab up above here as well.  Take a look and see what fun you missed!

See you at the markets!