Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Lamb Time!

Surprise!  Apparently summer wasn't too hot because here they come!  Earlier than ever!

So far, we have 3 ewe lambs (one set of twins! yay!) and two goat kids (one of each).

Let the adorableness ensue!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Brief Updates

Happy New Year Folks!

I know we haven't written in a while so I thought we might catch you up with a little business

For those of you on the list for Lambs with deposits paid:

Lambs will be going to "Freezer Camp" around the end of January or early February of 2013.
Your final invoices will be delivered with your box of lamb cuts.  Payment is due upon delivery please!

For those of you on our list for a 2013 CSA Share:

We will be mailing out Statements in the next few weeks.  Now that snow has finally arrived we are done with most of the outside buttoning up and can now proceed to all that formal paperwork type stuff.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in a CSA share... We have lots of room!  we are expanding our CSA a fair amount and have lots more shares to offer this coming season.  I know most people aren't drooling over truly fresh veggies just yet but we have been drooling over our seed catalogs!  The sooner you sign up the better.  (Anyone signing up after March 1st will be paying $400 instead of the $375!)

Other than all that, We hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas holiday and we'd like to wish you blessings and prosperity in the new year!