Saturday, April 16, 2011

Site Updates

Hi Everybody, This post is just to inform you that we have added a couple more pages to our blog.  We now have a contact page and an "About Us" page with some general information about our farm and about the family providing you with such delicious foods!

Hope you all have your seeds ready to grow because spring is very near!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Quick update!

So life has gotten very busy around here!  I'll just post a quick update to keep you all coming back for more later!

Jason, his parents and some very good friends all pitched in together to build our brand new hoophouse two weekends ago!  We've been working on this project a long time, first in finalizing our particular design, then in obtaining parts and bending hoops and making sure everything would go together just right.  Jason and Ronn, his dad, spent a whole day two weekends ago setting up the frame and then some of our good friends came out to our farm to help pull plastic over the frame and get it all tightened up just right.  One more weekend of framing for the endwalls with Ronn and putting plastic over them and our hoophouse patiently waited one more week to start the process of growing yummy early veggies for us!

I will post pictures of our hoophouse and it's workings later this week, stay tuned!

Our first starts are now three weeks along and growing quickly under our grow-lights setup at home and waiting for their turn at the freshly turned dirt in and around our new hoophouse.  I have some cute videos to share from HannaMae helping her papa to build our frame for the lights and some pictures of our first little starts!  Is your mouth watering yet thinking of all those yummy veggies so close to the table?

All of our lambs have dropped and are growing quickly!  They hardly look like lambs anymore!  We wil be having our last four lambs heading to the U of I meats lab and we are gladly taking reservations for the lambs that will be ready in the fall-early winter.  Send us an email at to reserve yours as soon as possible or to ask for more information.  We will be selling somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 lambs this fall.

Stay tuned for more updates, pictures and notices here.  If you would like a newsletter sent to your email inbox once a month, please email us and let us know at  We will be sending those out at the beginning of the summer market season.

I hope everyone is working hard on their own gardens, whatever forms those take because the best growing weather will be upon us soon!