Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bacon is Baaaack!

You know that dog treat commercial where they claim that "dogs don't know it's not bacon"?

Well, you'll know if it's not Omache Farm Bacon!

Bacon will be ready for ordering starting for this weekend, December 5th.  As well as Half hams if you'd like to pick one up for a holiday dinner!  Check out our Home Delivery Page for pricing and how it works specifically but here's the gist:

1. You email us your grocery list (By 6pm Friday please)
2. We pull out bacon, pork chops, winter squash and eggs and/or whatever was on your list and put your name on it
3. On Saturday, your groceries are handed to you in one of three ways:
           a. Drop by the Winter Market in the 1912 Center between 10am and 2pm (12/5 or 12/12)
           b. Meet us in town after the Winter Market of in the afternoon on 12/19
           c. We'll stop by your in-town home after the Winter Market or in the afternoon.
4. Payment is made by: cash, card or check.

See? so easy!