Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter Eggs, Ham, and Lamb!

Easter is right around the corner!

Have you bought enough eggs for decorating?  Do you still like making egg salad even though you don't have kiddos around this year?  Is your family an Easter Ham or Easter Lamb type?  No matter what, we've got you covered!

Check out our home delivery page!  Everything meat and egg wise is available for delivery this coming week in time for Easter Sunday! (Monday the 14th and Thursday the 17th)

(There are even a few veggies available! Act fast for veggies, they're first ordered first served!)

Don't want to buy a whole $25 worth of eggs? Check with your neighbor, perhaps they need a ham or a lamb leg roast or maybe they also need some eggs.

Don't know what to do with all those eggs once you've boiled and decorated them?  Check out the latest recipes and helpful tips we've posted: How to Boil an Egg and Margaret's Amazing Egg Salad.  They're really easy, I promise!

Do our eggs dye?  Well, that's a good question.  I've never heard of great results with brown eggs and the traditional food color and vinegar dyes.  There are however two other ideas that you may find very fun and quite gorgeous!

Stickers are always special but sometimes just don't have enough sticky.

Coloring with crayons works pretty well too.  Don't worry, you'll make egg salad with the broken ones from overly heavy hands, right? (although you've got to work pretty hard to break our egg shells!

The best idea I think I've found for working with non-white eggs I've found yet will go especially well with all those pesky crayon pieces you've been stepping on... again.  Take a look at Mama Smile's blog post about using them to decorate her eggs and at Mud Hut Mama's post about using the technique on brown eggs.  Wonderful and inspirational photos on both posts!

Tip: for doing the crayon shavings with this method, DO NOT pre-boil your eggs.  They need to be hot for it to work! (also, you can set kiddos to work outside with a hammer or big wooden spoon and a bag full of crayon pieces to smash while they're boiling...)

The BEST Egg Salad Ever!

So we all know how scientific I typically am about my recipes.  This one's different...

Okay I was just kidding.  I do have some recipes that I'm pretty particular about but this isn't one of them.

Margaret's Amazing Egg Salad 
(based loosely on a Betty Crocker Recipe)

Serves about 6 humans.
(count your children accordingly, some days mine are worth 1 human each, sometimes they total 1/4 human...)

Can you hard boil an egg?

I used to not be able to without overdoing it.  (go ahead, giggle, laugh, snicker.  The one who touts herself as an awesome self-taught cook couldn't boil an egg!)

OK, so I could hard boil an egg but I didn't really like them and wasn't ever really satisfied with the results of my endeavors.  Somehow, when the yolk turns totally chalky and has a bit of a green tinge to the outside of the yolk, it just seemed like I must be doing something wrong.

I was definitely overdoing it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Anybody need half a hog?

Half a Hog!

Last Chance!

Did you miss out on a chance to buy half a hog last fall?
Now is your opportunity!  We are short by a half with a group of hogs going in on Thursday, April 10th to C & L Locker Company.  Since they are a custom facility, I cannot put the extra half into our retail stock.  Nor can I simply keep a two-legged pig here.

If you are interested, Please email ASAP.  If nobody else has called dibs, we'll let you know so you can go ahead and download, fill out, scan and return our cutting form. You have until Sunday, April 13!

Price is as follows: $100 for slaughter, cut and wrap (including curing ham and bacon) plus $3.25 per pound of hanging weight.  (The weight of the carcass before it is cut and wrapped)  The hanging weight should range from 55-75 lbs.

Read more about our pastured pork HERE.
Download our cutting form HERE.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Now Offering...

Home Delivery!

From now through the first Thursday in May, Omache Farm is offering home delivery of our farm fresh products!  Order right here, from our website and receive your order right at home!

We are fortunate enough this spring to have product to sell.  Unfortunately, there aren't any markets already set up in the early spring before most vegetable growers have produce.  We decided to trial another new program.  Hopefully with your enthusiastic support and patronage, we'll find the time and effort worthwhile.

If this works out, we'll likely offer a very similar program over the course of next winter.  Who knows what'll happen... perhaps someday there'll be coolers on lots of front stoops awaiting the Farmer, much like there were coolers awaiting the Milk Man...

How it Works: