Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chef Camp: Introduction

The inspiration for my newly minted Chef Camp was a letter to the editor in WSU's school newspaper, The Daily Evergreen.  Here's the link to the letter I read.

A bit about ME. 
A.K.A. Why I feel qualified to stand on this particular soapbox.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Chef Camp

Wishing you could tame that food budget?

Wish you could expand your recipe repertoire?

Want to learn how to figure out something new without consulting every recipe book and the internet?

How about cooking fresh, delicious meals on the fly?

Introducing: Omache Farm's Chef Camp

After a recent Letter to the Editor in the Daily Evergreen (WSU's student newspaper) from a student complaining that they really don't have time or money to cook healthy food for themselves, I was inspired to create a set of blog posts to help other folks improve their kitchen sense, their food budget and their health.

Here are the topics I will be working to cover in the near future.  Any other subject suggestions are happily welcomed!  What stumps you?  What is your kitchen goal?  What do you continually struggle with when it comes to food?  Please make a comment here or send us an email!

Your pantry and the food bill
How to cook from scratch
Cooking on the fly
Fast Meals
Breakfast Variety
How to try a new vegetable
Protein other than meat and eggs
Gluten Free
The Potluck with Allergies
Cooking as a family
Cookbook bookshelf
Hands-free cooking
Cooking with Pastured Meats
Farm Fresh Pastured Eggs

I am not a professional nutritionist.  All statements made within this blog are my own experiences and opinions only.

Part of Omache Farm’s mission is to educate consumers about our products and philosophies.  Please feel free to copy and distribute any information with citation.  Use information for your life that works for you and your family and feel free to discard the rest.  What works for one family doesn’t always work for another!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Winter Stuff Pickup

We have our first pickup scheduled for our Winter Stuff folks!

What am I talking about? visit our Winter Retail page...

Tuesday November 26, 2013 from 3-6pm.

With Pork, Lamb, Eggs, produce, gourds, wool and farm crafts, there is quite a bit to choose from for November!

Wilson Banner Ranch will also be taking orders for Tuesday pickup this week.  They are offering butternut squash, Banana winter squash, more pie pumpkins and eggs, mix and match boxes of pears and apples and of course their famous apple cider!

If you have yet to sign up for our Winter Stuff email list so you too can order fresh, local food and other farm products from your local farmer, email us at to get on the list.

Hurry!  Ordering for this week's pickup closes at 10am Tuesday morning!

Farm Family Update

I'm sure that this news has filtered a great deal of the way through the grapevine already...

One of our greatest assets as a local family farm that direct-markets all of our products is you, our customers!  When we say you're a part of our farm family, we really mean family.

As a part of our farm family, I'm sure you all will be shaking your proverbial finger at us for not telling you sooner!  (And rest easy knowing that everyone and everything is now fine!

Last week, HannaMae was run over by one of our trucks carrying half a load of grain.  Nothing punctures squished or broken, just sore muscles and after a week of taking it pretty easy she is pretty much back to normal.  Here is we all give her guardian angel a pat on the back...

Here's the extended version.

HannaMae was escorted across the road and sent to inform Papa that it was lunch time.  After doing that task, she decided not to wait with Papa to go back to the house (since he was still finishing up his task at hand) but to walk back right then.  She walked back through the gardens and waiting at the road for Grandma to come out to escort her back across the road, as per The Rules.  After waiting for a bit she decided to lay down on the field road edge to wait.

About 45 minutes after having sent HannaMae off, Grandma began to get worried.  She hadn't seen HannaMae come back to cross the road and Papa hadn't come back yet.  So Grandma takes the small truck (still loaded with grain) out to check on Jason and look for HannaMae.  Jason and Grandma both get worried since it had been about half an hour wince Jason had seen HannaMae (Who had of course refused any coat heavier than a light sweater for her quick trip).  Jason and Grandma head out in different directions looking for her.

Grandma drives back to the house and turns onto the field road below the gardens by the hoophouses (where The Rules say children must wait to cross the road and where HM had laid down to wait) to look for HannaMae.  HannaMae was in her own world of thoughts and didn't see or hear the truck and with the field road as bumpy as it is, Grandma didn't feel anything unusual in driving on the field road.  Grandma got out of the truck to call for HannaMae and heard her screaming.  Upon finding HannaMae she carried her across the road to the front yard and met with Jason just getting back from his search on the tractor.

Jason carried HannaMae inside and checked her head to toe and found nothing appearing to be broken.  He did, however, find bruises around her hips and lower back.  He called Margaret at work and took HannaMae to the ER.

The nurses and Doctor at the hospital took wonderful care of her, brought her temperature back up since she was outside for about 45 minutes on a cold day with little more than a sweater on, and checked everything over twice.  The doctor used the ultrasound to check her organs and everything was perfect.  They called the radiologist to do x-rays on her legs and pelvis and nothing appeared to have even a hairline fracture of any sort.

We spent the afternoon and part of the evening in the ER.  HannaMae rested and when she showed that she could walk, with lots of help of course, she was allowed to go home.  We spent the next several days resting on the couch, using lots of help to walk around and stretch and by Monday afternoon, she was walking, slowly, without help from even the wall.

Tuesday HannaMae went back to school and by Thursday her muscles and joints were functioning enough to climb even big bus stairs and she rode the bus to and from school the rest of the week.

By now you can hardly even tell she had anything happen at all.  She even almost kept up with Margaret while putting away sheep yesterday.  More or less back to normal.

We have thanked her guardian angel profusely.  I'm sure they are exhausted after that ordeal.

We thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers and understanding.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Winter Market!

Hungry for more ham?

How about some grass-fed lamb?  Mmm... Garlic leg of lamb roast... YUM!

How about a delicious pie pumpkin for the first test run of dear Aunt Edna's famous pumpkin pie recipe?

You will be able to find us for any or all of the above three at Moscow's first Winter Market!

Saturday November 9th
10am to 3 pm
1912 Center in Moscow, ID

See you there!