Monday, November 21, 2011

Online Shopping!

It's thanksgiving week now and already, stores have been filling with Christmas decorations, toy displays and music.  For two weeks i have already been receiving mail ads for Black Friday sales.  Just today, I have finall gotten on the bandwagon rather than just watching it go by.

Omache Farm's Etsy shop is open for the winter!

All of our immediately available fiber products are being posted on our Etsy shop:  For local customers, you may also check out the Yarn Underground in Moscow for fibers on consignment there.

This is very exciting for us and I'm hoping to sell through most of our fiber between Yarn Underground and Etsy before we shear again in June!

So, help us out, have some fibery fun!  Check our fiber products out and pass the link on to your fibery friends!  Browse the rest of Etsy as well, you will probably be able to find the most beautiful gifts for most everyone on your list, all from small business people, many of whom are working hard to earn their living from their passions.

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Publicity and Press

We've been in our local paper but this year we're starting to attract the attention of some slightly larger entities.

The first would be WSU's CHANRS College.  They came to our farm and interviewed us in part to promote Organic Agriculture and the agriculture programs at WSU.

They also cut a second version that we may use in our own promotions.

(If you're having troubles, Click on one of the links below to go directly to You Tube to watch.)
From Education to Entrepreneurship
Omache Farm

We also recently heard of and checked out the movement known as The Greenhorns.
They can be found at

Severine and her traveling crew actually called us up and asked to come check out our farm.  Well of course! They visited on Thursday and came back on Friday to film footage for a new project of shorts about young farmers.  They also want to interview us in the future for their radio show!  Crazy exciting!  We'll definitely be bringing it up again when their new video project goes public.

In the mean time, enjoy our new videos and Pass it On!