Gift Certificates

Do you need a gift for a WSU Student you know?  How about that office buddy who wants for an excuse to visit the Farmer's Markets?  New neighbor?  Perfect!

Omache Farm is now offering Gift Certificates!  With a minimum purchase amount of $10, they are the perfect way to introduce your student/buddy/neighbor to our Fresh Veggies and Pastured Pork while promoting the growth of our local economy by encouraging your giftee to visit the farmer's markets in Moscow and Pullman!

Gift certificates are deliverable by several means.

1. We can hand deliver it to you if you live in the Pullman-Moscow area while out on a Home delivery trip
2. We can mail it directly to you or your recipient.  We request a 24 hour turnaround time and then it'll be mailed first class to your chosen destination with an expected arrival time of 2-3 mailing days.
3.  We can hold it for pickup at one of the Farmer's Markets or the next Winter Market.

At this time, we are using old-fashioned paper gift certificates.  Your recipient may use any amount of the sum total of the gift certificate and save the remaining amount for another visit.

Come by any of the farmer's markets!

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