2018 CSA

YES! We still have CSA Shares available!  Sign up NOW!

2018 CSA Brochure

Download a PDF copy of our brochure: includes prices, information and the official sign-up form.

Pullman pickup starts May 30th

What is a CSA?  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and the general idea is that a group of members each pay a sum before the growing season and in return, receive a box or share of produce every week during the growing season.  This benefits both parties in that the farmer gain access to capital money in order to purchase supplies needed before any income is generated such as seeds.  The members receive a regular source of high-quality, organically-grown vegetables from May through October.

How Much? Our regular size share, sized for 2-3 adults costs $450.  We ask that you place a $75 deposit to hold your share and Full payment is due within 1 month of signup.  If you are unable to afford the full sum in one payment we are happy to work out a payment schedule.

What is the"Market Season"? Our market season runs from mid-May through mid-October, based on the Pullman Farmer's Market Season and the weather.  Our main pick-up will be at the Pullman Farmer's Market, Wednesdays from 3:30-6:30pm in the Spot Shop Lot on Kamiaken Street. 

What exactly do I get? Designed to feed 2-3 adults or a young family consisting of 2 adults and 1-2 younger children, our CSA balances variety with just about the right amount to be most of your full weekly vegetable consumption.  Some weeks you may find a vegetable not included that simply must be had for your favorite recipe.  Some weeks, you may find your refrigerator still has produce from last week.  Each week you can guarantee that you'll find staple items such as salad mix or plenty of tomatoes while also finding surprises most weeks like Kohlrabi or a funky looking summer squash or one of over ten varieties of winter squash.

What if I don't fit your design?  We have a few customers that manage to eat just about everything as a single person.  We also have had 3-4 people share 2-3 shares.  It totally depends on just how many vegetables your family typically eats and how much your creative juices are flowing.  Each week provides plenty of vegetables and you might have to get creative if you're on your own or aren't as experienced in preparing vegetables for dinner regularly.  (Don't worry, we can help you with that!)  If your family is much bigger or simply eats a TON of veggies (AWESOME!) you might consider buying two shares for each week.  Or you might buy a share and know that you'll have to supplement to fill out your weekly meal plan.  Each week, our family of 5 (2 adults and 3 children aged 9, 7, 2.5) easily is able to clean out 2 CSA shares worth each week not counting what we preserve for winter.  Then again, nobody eats vegetables like a vegetable farmer!

How do I sign up? Contact us via Email at OmacheFarm@gmail.com and let us know.    We still have space in our CSA for 2018.  You may download a PDF copy of our brochure below.  A signed copy will need to be emailed, snail-mailed or handed to us along with your deposit/payment before you're "Officially" signed up.  Payment can be accomplished via check in person or by snail mail or we can use a Square Invoice via email.

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  1. I just read your brochure about your products and it is so exciting that you both have an interest in organic farming in the area. There are so many fields here in the valley that will benefit from the same practice. Lapwai, Idaho