About Us

Omache Farm

Omache Farm is a small family farm nestled amidst the rolling hills of the Palouse just south of Pullman, WA.  (Go Cougs!)  Currently we have about 30 acres.  About 5 acres is dedicated to Vegetable production and the rest is in pasture surrounding Almota Creek which runs right through the middle of the farm property.  Our pastureland feeds our flock of about 20 Rambouillet sheep, five goats and two Pyrenees guard dogs.  It also is home to several groups of growing hogs charged with pasture renovation.

We strive to follow organic, natural and sustainable principals and methods in our farming because we believe that by taking care of our Mother Earth now, we will be more capable of leaving her to our heirs in the future.  We also believe that it is a healthier way to eat and live.  These methods also support a more diverse array of life both wild and farmed.  In our endeavors to be sustainable, we are growing and taking on many new enterprises to help the land for which we are responsible dance the jig of life.  We also strive to market as much of our product as possible in our local economy directly to our consumers.  This supports our local economy, our local community and other local farmers.

We take pride in providing healthy, happy, responsible food to our local community.

Farm Family

Jason and Margaret met during the summer of 2006 at a Boy Scout camp and fell in love over shared dreams of reviving the old camp ranch.  After getting married in 2007, having a baby and finally arriving at WSU, we fell in love with the scenic rolling hills of the Palouse and the definitive season changes.  We found the most amazing mentors, the most wonderful place and jumped right into farming on a part-time scale.  We had our second child, graduated from WSU and are now embarking on the long and arduous journey of making Omache Farm our sole source of income.  It's going to be a long road full of bumps but we know that as long as we work hard, we can find a way to accomplish our dreams.

Jason earned his Bachelor's degree in Organic Agriculture from WSU.  He is both full-time Farmer and stay-at-home Papa.  While plants and crops are what he studied and what he knows best, he also knows all about our livestock and what goes into growing a quality animal product.  For the next few years, Jason will be the main face of Omache Farm working hard to make the farm grow into all it's potential.

Margaret earned her Bachelor's degree in Animal Science from WSU.  Livestock may be her specialty but she also knows how to grow vegetables and better yet: how to cook them!  Margaret currently works off-farm to supplement farm income but also does a lot of behind-the scenes work helping to keep track of everything, update our website and social media, sending all those emails and of course putting up more fence for more grass for more animals.

HannaMae was born in October of 2007 and cannot get enough of farm life.  She adores the sheep, especially lambs and loves playing outside in the dirt while Mama and Papa are gardening or working with sheep.  HannaMae is fearless and has been known to swing from the tops of not-yet-finished fences and is becoming a very capable farm hand.

Alethea was born in October of 2009 and sings everywhere she goes!  Farm life for her is sometimes challenging but she also loves to ride her bike when it is nice outside and head off into the trees around our harvest shed for some imaginary play in the "forest of no return".

Oak was born in August of 2014 and is Trouble with a capital "T".  Capable of escaping from playpens before he was 1 and of escaping from both farm trucks before he was 2 means he is more than a bit of a handful!  now that he is going on 3 he is starting to understand boundaries a little better and at least he doesn't usually tromp through the middle of vegetable beds while "helping".  (just the very ends of them...)