Thursday, March 14, 2019

2019 Getting Growing

The New Year is well begun.  Nearly officially Spring, and yet I don't feel ready.  My inner clock says its time but the persistent snow outdoors says its not.

Yet, the March Pullman Farmers Market is nearly here: This Saturday, March 16th from 10am to 2pm in the WSU Brelsford Visitor Center.

We don't have produce yet.  We'll work on that for future winter seasons.

We DO have information and signups for our CSA and Market Bucks programs.

Here are the brochures for those:

CSA         Market Bucks

We are still working on our planting plan, developing seed ordering lists, finding monies (Thank you CSA Members!) for purchasing things like seeds, chicks and chick feed, the last of the hay needed for our sheep flock, diesel for the tractor, etc.  

At the moment, Jason and I are both driving taxi for College Cabs so our personal monetary needs are covered and we are working on saving some funds, both from taxi driving and by being judicious with CSA funds, to allow ourselves some full time work before the Market Season actually starts bringing us our farming season income.

We also are working into our farming season some family time.  We will be taking several weekends and other time off from farming and farmers markets to spend some time with our own and extended family.  We'll play on lake Roosevelt and travel with our Scout troop on adventures into the great outdoors.  We'll even take some time as just us and "enjoy" the summer break from school.

I know, what a concept... farmers taking a vacation???

Well, we've decided that we are humans as well.  As much as we love what we do, we need time to do other things.  Enjoy the outdoors for what it is, not just what it can grow for us.  Spend time with our children as they grow.  Support our children in their activities and adventures.

You'll notice that we have made several changes to our CSA program in support of that goal.  Mainly, we will be putting several weeks worth of the CSA value onto a CSA Card that can be used as the CSA Member sees fit at our booths.  We also are offering the Market Bucks program which is designed to give the member the full financial benefit of purchasing a CSA without the limitation on their flexibility.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

CSA is Ready to Roll!

If you have any questions that are not answered in the brochure, please don’t hesitate to send us an email.  We always want to make sure that we are a good fit for you and your family because a good fit will help to make a good experience!

Once you have decided you’d like to sign-up, please let us know ASAP via email.  We will confirm that there is still a space available for you.  If there is not an open space, we will add you to our waitlist.

We are happy to accept payment via Cash, Check or Credit cards.  A minimum of $75 is requested to fully secure your spot and the remainder is due one month from your sign-up date.  If you need a payment plan or would like to look into using your SNAP benefits to pay for some or all of your share, please let us know so we can make special arrangements.

Pullman’s Winter Farmers Market on February 17th from 2-6pm on Main Street in Downtown Pullman would be a perfect place to come and meet us in person, ask more questions, and make payments in any form.

Currently, there are still spaces available but please email us to confirm prior to sending any payments!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Brief Updates

Wow what a whirlwind of the last few years!

I have been getting many questions of late and suddenly realized that my last blog post was the first (and last!) newsletter of 2016.

I apparently have a lot of work to do...


YES!  We are continuing our CSA in 2018

YES! we do still have open spaces.

We have NOT yet finalized the pricing or exactly how many spaces we will have available.

INFO in the form of a freshly updated brochure will be directly emailed to 2017's CSA members as well as anybody else who has emailed me regarding CSA signup as soon as possible.  said brocures will be ready no later than the 3rd weekend in February for the Pullman Winter Farmers Market.

We will be happy to take signups at the Pullman Winter Farmer's Market on February 17th between 2 and 6pm at Mantis Martial Arts in Downtown Pullman.

Please keep your eyes out for more information coming soon.

Other News:

Kids and Lambs have arrived!  We are currently waiting for our last Mama to drop her lamb and then it'll be off to figuring out where to graze them first.  With such a mild winter, as long as the ground is pretty solid, there is no reason why we can't move them out to pasture very soon.. They'l be able to eat the last of the grasses that grew last year and be in the field the moment grasses start their explosion of new growth this spring.

Pullman Farmers Market:

Every Third Saturday the Pullman Farmer's Market happens right in Down Town Pullman!  2-6pm at Mantis Martial Arts on Main Street.  Next date is February 17th!  We'll have pork and a few types of fresh vegetables that the wild critters left alone long enough for us to harvest them.  Also Peggy from Pioneer produce will be there with her amazing jams and any fresh produce that her wild critters missed.  Alyssa and Richard Link will be taking orders for their superb chickens at Link'd Hearts Ranch, Wilson Banner Ranch will have cider and other goodies. 

If you happen to be reading this as a producer within 60 miles of Pullman and would like to take an opportunity in February to take some sign-ups or sell some surprise available crops, please don't hesitate: email ASAP and get yourself a spot!  We are always looking for new vendors!

For now, that is all.  We have many things we would like to accomplish this year and we truly hope that you'll ride along with us on this crazy adventure!

All our love,
Margaret and Jason
HannaMae, Alli and Oak