Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Anybody need half a hog?

Half a Hog!

Last Chance!

Did you miss out on a chance to buy half a hog last fall?
Now is your opportunity!  We are short by a half with a group of hogs going in on Thursday, April 10th to C & L Locker Company.  Since they are a custom facility, I cannot put the extra half into our retail stock.  Nor can I simply keep a two-legged pig here.

If you are interested, Please email ASAP.  If nobody else has called dibs, we'll let you know so you can go ahead and download, fill out, scan and return our cutting form. You have until Sunday, April 13!

Price is as follows: $100 for slaughter, cut and wrap (including curing ham and bacon) plus $3.25 per pound of hanging weight.  (The weight of the carcass before it is cut and wrapped)  The hanging weight should range from 55-75 lbs.

Read more about our pastured pork HERE.
Download our cutting form HERE.

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