Friday, July 26, 2013

Ginger's Memoirs - The Stinky Hay

One summer, Dad was out in the barn, cleaning out old hay from the upper level, tossing it into the wagon below to be carted off somewhere more useful.  He’d dig his pitchfork into the hay and toss it over his shoulder and out the doors to land neatly in the wagon with the waiting horse team.  It was calm and quiet.  Just the “shick...schick...schick...” of the hay being picked up with the pitchfork.  Suddenly, his pitchfork started to jump and shake in his hands of it’s own accord!  Dad yelled and threw the fork away from himself into the piles of hay in the barn.  As the fork went flying across the barn, a skunk fell out from between the tines!  Dad wasted no time and jumped out the door and into the wagon below, startling the team who decided they were leaving too.  After dad regained control of the horses, he turned back to look at the barn where he saw the skunk peering out the barn door watching the excitement he had caused.

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