Friday, July 5, 2013

Ginger's Memoirs - The Raspberry Thief

Every year, Mom and I would make delicious red raspberry jams and preserves to enjoy all winter long.  We had grown two of the best thirty foot rows of raspberry bushes just for that purpose.  There was one particular year that was looking like a bumper crop.  The morning we went out to pick our berries, there wasn’t a single ripe berry on a single branch.  The whole patch was picked clean!  A few days later, as more berries began to ripen to perfection, we found the culprit!  Our collie-shepherd farm dog had discovered the perfect way to curl his lips and use his teeth to gently pick each ripe raspberry.  We never thought we would have to fence out the dog more than the birds from our berry patch.  Every summer after that we had the most forlorn looking dog sitting outside the new raspberry fence.

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