Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ginger's Memoirs - The Geese

My folks were new to farming but wanted to raise geese. So, they ordered them and Mom and I picked them up at the Eldridge Post Office in a three foot by three foot, five inch tall box. We took them home and put them in a pen in our summer kitchen. After a couple of weeks, Mom and I decided to let them swim in the two foot deep horse trough. They loved it! They paddled around, bobbing their heads. Everything was great! We decided to run into town (about 20 minutes away) and leave the goslings to play. What we didn’t realize is that goslings get their waterproofing from their mother. Since they did not have a mother goose, we returned to find 23 little heads and beaks just barely floating above the water and little feet going like crazy to keep themselves afloat! We spent the rest of the afternoon drying off and warming up drenched goslings under a heat lamp and keeping them moving. We were lucky and saved all twenty three goslings.

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