Sunday, May 13, 2012

Changing again!

Life is all about change.  This time we’ve got a huge change.  We are finally moving from Pullman out to live on our farm!  We’ve been talking about it for years and devising various plans to make it happen faster, none of which stuck, obviously.  But now, here we are, living on our farm!  What a dream come true!

We’ll be 100% out of our old house by the end of the month and living mostly in the basement of our new house until sometime in June or July when the estate sale will take place.  After that, we will be able to start moving into the rest of the house.  By Thanksgiving, we should be putting the final touches on our new HOME.

Already, in just one week of living here, we love it!  Our first morning was pretty warm and Jason merely stumbled out to the hoophouse to open it up and then came back in for breakfast.  No packing children up in a rush, no grabbing food on the run or missing it altogether, no missing necessities like diapers forgotten or running back into town and out again multiple times in one day.

We can come in for lunch and naps (for children, mostly!) and merely pause for making dinner rather than having to call it a night completely.  HannaMae and Alli can hang out inside and watch movies or play with toys if they don’t feel like playing outside.  They can come in when they get cold while we finish covering crops when frosts are imminent.

Such an amazing blessing we have been gifted!

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