Publicity & Press

Here we have quick and convenient links to most of the publicity and press that we have had in the past.

WSU Global Campus

We did a tour for a Pullman campus class and Global Campus came along to create a video tour for one of their courses.  Take a tour of our farm as of September 2013. (the video is about 45 minutes long.)

Moscow Food Co-op

The Moscow Food Co-op does a feature on a local grower each month for their newsletter.  For July 2013, that was us!  You can read about it in their PDF archive (linked below).  We are on Page 11.
July 2013 Moscow Food Co-op Newsletter

WSU COMJOUR 335 (Spring 2013)

Project by Nina Dore for her editing class at WSU.  We love having students coming down and using the Farmer's Market for assignments and projects!
Pullman Farmer's Market  (YouTube Video)

Stevee Chapman and Eric Francavilla came out to interview us about Organic Certification and why we chose to not certify.  The video that Stevee put together is wonderful!  Thanks so much!

Local Farm opts out of Organic Certification (YouTube Video)

Whitman County Gazette
Agriculture Edition 2013
The Gazette came out to our farm, interviewed Jason and Margaret and did a feature article in their 2013 Agriculture Edition! It was a lot of fun and pretty cool to boot!  (We're in the Newspaper!)

They emailed me a PDF file of each page that we were on and I have linked them below.  Enjoy!
Cover   Table of Contents   Article - Pg. 1   Article - Pg. 2   Article - Pg. 3

WSU's CAHNRS College

Brian Clark came out to visit us, take some video footage and cut two versions of us, one for the college to use for it's Agriculture programs and one for us to use for ourselves.

Omache Farm (YouTube Video)
From Education to Entrepreneurship (YouTube Video)

The Greenhorns

Severine von Tscharner Fleming, the Director of The Greenhorns film and of the movement visited our farm at the beginning of November 2011.  She and her team took some video footage of us and our farm for a new project they're working on.  They also would like to interview us for their radio show in the near future.  When all that happens, we'll post it here.  In the meantime, check them out at