Pastured Pork

** We are not offering retail or custom pork at this time**
Please stay tuned because we love pigs and they will return in future seasons!

Pastured Pork 

Download a PDF copy of our Pork brochure for information, pricing and our official order form

We provide our hogs with several different feed mixes depending on their size.  Pigs get a ground mix of locally grown grains.  While the exact mix changes it usually consists of some of the following: peas, garbanzos, wheat, barley, lentils.  They are always provided with plenty of fresh, non-swimmable water as well as a salt and mineral block for good measure.

Pigs are designed for digging.  We use he term "pastured" because there isn't really a better term for hogs growing outdoors on open ground but it's not on pretty green pastures like lamb or beef are grown on.  It's simply too difficult to maintain a pasture with pigs!  So we give ground to our hogs that is in need of tillage and manuring.  Then we plan on giving the ground a once over with our small tractor to smooth out the lumps and bumps that pigs invariably create and replant the ground.  We have used them to renovate old pastures that once grew hardly more than moss and we continue to use them on our bulk vegetable ground to till in last years pumpkin vines before replanting the ground to pumpkins.  (Don't worry, there is plenty of time and tillage between when the last pig leaves and any edible pumpkin variety bears fruit!  Usually much more than what even Organic rules require!)

Each group of hogs is provided with a small shelter, a water source they cannot muddy up and a large feeder to hold their feed as well as a mineral/salt block.  They are confined to about 1/10th of an acre at a time for about a week and then moved onto the next small section.  This gets the pigs to do their tilling in a confined and concentrated manner and as a result they will till all of the ground desired.  A large area for longer times allows them to dig larger divots in their favorite spots and ignore other spaces.

We take our hogs to the University of Idaho Vandal Meats facility for processing under USDA certification for our retail cuts and some of our Custom cut hogs.  Some hogs are taken to C & L Locker company and those are only for Custom cut hogs.  While we don't have custom hogs available every month of the year yet (getting there!)  We do have several groups always going and chances are there is a half or whole available in one of the next groups.  If you'd like to order a custom half or whole hog, check out how it works below and then contact us for what's available.

Pork Chops
Shoulder Steaks
Loin Roasts
Shoulder Roasts
Leg Roasts
Spare Ribs
Country Style Ribs
Fresh Belly
Ground Pork
Hot Sausage
Old Fashioned Sausage
Good 'n' Sagey Sausage

Bone-In Ham
Boneless Ham

Pork Fat
Leaf Lard
Soup Bones

Prices: Custom Half and Whole Hogs
Whole or Half: $3.25 per pound hanging weight.
Whole Deposit*: $200 each.
Half Deposit*: $100 each.

Current Availability  (as of March 2017)
* April 2017 * (No More Custom Available)
*July 2017

Whole hogs should be in the 150-180 lb hanging weight range, half between 75-90 lb. These ranges will
give between 110 and 140 lbs of cuts for a whole hog and between 55 and 70 lbs of cuts for a half.

Whole Hog: $200 + $485 to $585 = $685-$785**

Half Hog: $100 + $240 to $290 = $340 - $390**

If you are interested, contact us at or talk to us at one of the Markets!

You may also download a PDF copy of our custom pork brochure.  It's got all of the above information as well as our official order form.

Custom Pork Brochure

*Deposits are Non-Refundable and guarantee your half or whole hog.
**Total prices are estimated based on standard yield percentages and are given as an estimate only.