Some of you may have joined in the fun late, or perhaps you keep forgetting to send us that email asking to be on our newsletter list.  Either way, We've uploaded pdf files of our newsletters here for you to access whenever you like. Enjoy!

5.13.15 Welcome Market Season!
5.20.15 Summer is yet a child.  Macaroni and Cheese Recipe!
6.2.15 Growing like Weeds
6.10.15 Shearing and Tomatoes and Pumpkins, Oh My!
6.24.15 Thank you Volunteers, Stew hens, Piggies make Pork

5.13.14  Crazy winter, great spring.  The great sheep escape of the week.  Honey Balsamic Salad Dressing and Salad Ideas.
5.21.14  Hoophouse Raising soon!  No escapes, but plenty of new little lambs!
5.26.14  Hoophouse Raising on Sunday! Promised lamb picture, lots of transplanting!  Leg of lamb sirloin roast recipe...YUM!
6.2.14 Hoophouse is a SUCCESS!  Ham recipes: Bone-in and Boneless, our newest cut available!  Try them both!

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5.14.13   New Partners, New Market, More pigs, Eggs!  Honey Sauteed Radishes Recipe, Deep Fried Bok Choi Recipe
5.27.13   Omache Farm by the Numbers, Kale with Roasted peppers and olives Recipe, Kale-Apple smoothie recipe
6.4.13   How to cook, Why it rained on Sunday, Ginger's Memoirs: The Geese, Roasted Swiss Chard with Feta Recipe
6.11.13   Return of the wild, Ginger's Memoirs: The Raspberry Thief, Parmesan Spinach Cakes,
6.25.13   Yes, we DID grow that cabbage, Broccoli stems and leaves
7.2.13   Seasonality of vegetables, More pigs!  Ginger's Memoirs: The Jam, Coleslaw recipe
7.9.13   Summer veggie burst, NRCS grant, Ginger's Memoirs: Ringing hogs, Ethopian Cabbage Recipe
7.23.13   Chastising plants.
9.10.13   Veggies Strega Nona Style, The Weekly Quack, Margaret's Zucchini pancakes recipe

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5.14.12   Collapsing hoophouse, moving onto the farm, first ever CSA! Internship, adding pork
5.21.12   building a cold storage box, farm childhood, Sheep eat dessert, shearing, Pastured Pork
5.28.12   global wierding weather,  naked sheep
6.18.12   salad for a week, dreams of a hoophouse jungle, whiny sheep and a new buck kid
6.25.12   700 onions, biodegradable weed mulch trial, pigs are like children
7.9.12   hay cut, trading spring crops for summer, creatures staying cool, zucchini bread and zucchini humus recipe
7.15.12   Helpful children, pigs like teenagers
8.13.12   How to use zucchini, improvisational cooking, custom pork and retail pork!

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5.16.11  First Ever Newsletter, Intro to Omache Farm and our Sheep
5.25.11   Farm Ecosystem, Why we're called "Omache"
6.1.11   Veggies are growing!, Kale Chips Recipie, Shearing
6.8.11   Transplanting and planting, first blooms, Honey Sauteed Radishes Recipe, First green pastures
6.15.11   Carrots, Radishes, Hoophouse transplanting, Fresh grass finished lambs
6.22.11   No Market, Canyon Flowers, Margaret's Stuffed Zucchini
6.29.11   Spring veggies out and Summer veggies in!  Idyllic sheep photo.
7.6.11   4th of July, Why you should Buy Local,  Alpacas, better known as MachuPichu and PichuMachu.
7.13.11  The Zen of Weeding, Ram Break-In
7.20.11   Direct Farmers as Educators, Baked Chard Stems with Butter and Parmesan Recipe, Garlicky Chard Recipe, Colcannon with Bacon Recipe, Seasonal Meat
7.26.11   Summer Crops are finally on, Stacking Hay
8.2.11   Testing a Market Box, Pasture Rotation
8.9.11   Market Boxes, season extension, flighty Jacobs chill
8.16.11   Zucchini, shock-free lambs and barn cats in training
8.31.11   High Heat = Tomatoes, cucumbers, corn and eggplants, Barn kittens with pics!
9.14.11   Last of Summer, Recipe links for Ratatouille and stuffed zucchini, Reserve a lamb, Wilson Banner Ranch Harvest Fair
9.21.11   Winter's Coming, CSA Signups, Sheep breeding