Farm Tours

We LOVE to show and tell!

The best times of the year for visiting are between May and October.  The rest of the year, everything is pretty dreary, there is very little vegetable production going on and the livestock might be in winter areas.  By May, the sheep have usually made it to green pastures and there is a variety of vegetable things going on with vegetables anywhere from just started in tray to ready to harvest goodies.  The weather is more predictably pleasant as well!

The rest of the year, we are happy to come to you with plenty of pictures to share and topics to discuss.  Let us know what aspects or theme you'd like us to focus on so that we can tailor our visit to your group's interests.

We have worked with every age group from pre-schoolers to college students to adults.  Whether you are part of a college course, a play group or just a couple of families who want to check us out, there is something for everyone to see and learn!

If you'd like to set up a tour for your group, please contact us at

If you can't come out to visit us right away, check out this video produced by WSU's Global Campus.  They filmed a tour we gave for a college course in Fall 2013.  It's about 45 minutes long but a pretty thorough tour of our garden areas, pigs and chickens.