Grass-Fed Lamb

Grass Fed and Finished Lamb

We have significantly downsized our sheep flock and we have taken the goats out entirely for the time being.  We look forward to spending the next few years fully evaluating our sheep operation and fine tuning our systems and skills.

In the future we may offer a small handful of custom lambs for sale, for the time being we will not be taking any orders for lambs or offering retail lamb cuts.  For retail cuts, please talk to Spring Song Farm.  Last season, their booth was right next door to ours at the Moscow market and their lamb is a wonderful product!

If you were interested in Goat, we hope to bring back goats in the future but for the time being they were too mischievous for our setup and our breeding program was not up to snuff.  In the future, we will start more purposefully with breeding stock that aim for our goals of a proper meat carcass while grown on pasture. 

Thank you for your interest, please stay tuned!