Friday, June 19, 2015

Transplanting Party!

Transplanting party!

Sunday June 21st!

We are having a Transplanting work party BBQ on Sunday, June 21st and would love it if you and your family could make it!

We'll be working hard all morning to bust through hundreds of transplants as a crew and then enjoy some delicious Omache Farm Pork and potluck dishes.

Jake Cho of WSU Dining has volunteered to prepare some of our leg roasts for lunch.  We'll be harvesting some fresh greens for a super-fresh salad to go along with a few other dishes.  Bring along something to share and be ready to meet some new and old friends as we all pitch in to get things growing!

What to bring:

A hat, sunscreen and a water bottle are all that are required.  There will be plenty of water to refill your bottle as needed.

We recommend that you wear closed toe shoes and pants that cover your knees as transplanting does involve moving along the ground.

If crawling along a row is a bit much for you, we always have some folks sitting around pulling plugs for those that are transplanting also.

Families with children are welcome as well!  There are plenty of jobs available for children if they would like to help or they are welcome to just hang out or play.

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