Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 23 Hail Storm

So the newsletters simply haven't worked out as well this year as I was hoping they would.  I'm sure all of you lovely folks will understand, given the circumstances.

That all being the case, this seems the perfect time to put several updates down on paper.  Well, digital paper anyhow.

The biggest update is about the recent hail storm that passed through the area on Wednesday July 23.  Hopefully most of you have had a chance to talk with Jason about it.  He was getting our booth set up for the Wednesday market when it hit town and as our farm manager coordinated much of the acrobatics that ensued.  There were several amazing folks that, upon hearing about yet another grand sheep escape that resulted from the hail storm, raced out to our farm to help put everyone back where they belonged.

The most challenging loss resulting from this storm is likely our pumpkins and winter squash.  Being blessed with more acreage than many folks who grow veggies in the area, we were working on growing nearly an acre of pumpkins and another half acre of various winter squash varieties.  The plants were very well established and while they have been growing back amazingly well the biggest question now is if they'll produce fully ripe fruits before the first frost.  In just the last four seasons, we've seen first frosts come as early as mid September or as late as the end of October.  Cross your fingers for luck for us!

All of our CSA members came down to the market to pick up their CSA shares that day (impressive given the nasty weather) and upon hearing of the total devastation of our outdoor crops completely understood when we told them that it meant a pretty sparse CSA share for the next month or more until we could get fresh crops planted and for the survivors (kale, chard, Zucchini) to grow back and start producing once again.

A huge thank you also goes out to Deep Roots Farm and Affinity Farm, both in Moscow.  They have both donated a couple of different items to help us fill out our CSA shares this week.  We cannot thank them enough!

Keep an eye on Facebook for photo updates.  Jason is hoping to take some photos of the recovery every week (Wednesdays or so usually) so we can all be absolutely amazed at the progress and amazing resiliency of Mother Nature.  Believe me when I say I have been most impressed at how well things have been growing back.

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