Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hoophouse Raising!

Our newest hoophouse that you have all been hearing about will be ready for its covering on Sunday, June 1st  at 10am!
 We will need all the help we can get to maneuver 4,500 square feet of plastic into proper alignment!  Anyone and everyone are welcome to come out and assist!  Much like an old-fashioned barn raising, we’ll all work together to get the hoophouse covered and then there will be food to celebrate the fact that we didn’t get to see a huge sheet of plastic floating its way across the Palouse.
Please come on out at 10am on Sunday June 1st, bring a small dish to share, Omache Farm will provide meat.  After the hoophouse plastic is in place, we'll enjoy good food, good company and a farm walkabout.  You can see where we grow your food!
No experience of any sort will be necessary, even older children can help.  (Our children will eagerly and happily show off their best farm hiding places to children too small to help.)  We would love it if you could set aside part of Sunday, June 1st to come out to the farm and participate in the growth of our farm!

RSVP is appreciated: 

Jason, Ronn and Aaron (Jason's Brother) putting up the last two hoops last October

All the hoops are up!  First purlin in the works.

Needs just one more purlin and the hipboard on the far side.  Just about ready for plastic!

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