Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Lamb Time!

Surprise!  Apparently summer wasn't too hot because here they come!  Earlier than ever!

So far, we have 3 ewe lambs (one set of twins! yay!) and two goat kids (one of each).

Let the adorableness ensue!

Are you my mama?
Blyana and her first set of twins!
Little one #1
This way mama...

Goat kid!
Yep, you may have noticed my goat kids don't seem to have any ears.  They do actually but they are tiny little triangles about the size of a quarter.  Why? They are a Boer Lamancha cross.  Nellie is a Boer goat, bred for meat.  "Papa Goat" as he has been so aptly termed, is a Lamancha dairy goat and he also has no ears.  These two have the same coat patterning as their mother and their papa's ears.  Totally adorable.

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