Monday, March 19, 2012


We now have ten little piggies in residence next door to our sheep.  We are so excited!  right now they're cute. They have been enjoying all the space they have to bounce around and digging little holes in the ground they've been allowed outside.  learning the fine art of dumping their water bucket until I can get another system with less room for spillage ready to go.

It's odd, with our style of farming, to think that these guys had never seen the light of day, literally.  Never seen water in a bucket as opposed to out of a sip spout.  Never seen hay or non-pelleted foodstuffs or dirt.  Never known what their noses are designed to do.  Well, that only took them about five minutes.
For now they're cute.  And a bit mischievous with their digging holes next to the fence and sticking their heads through the fence but I imagine they'll grow out of those antics in favor of bigger pig antics.  Come August, our customers will be enjoying them on their dinner tables.
Want more pictures? Follow this link to our facebook album:  Pigs

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  1. So cute! How do I get my name on the list for some Omache Farm bacon? :)