Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stuffed Zucchini

Stuffed Squash

6 Zucchini
2 Beets
1 bunch Kale
Olive Oil
Salt, Balsamic
Vinegar, other spices to

Slice one side from the zucchini or slice in half if large or cut to appropriate size and then hollow it out, leaving a sturdy shell.

Chop the beets into small pieces

Rip up the kale into pieces.

Combine the beets, Zucchini insides, ¾ of the kale. Dress with olive oil and vinegar/salt/spices to taste. Place a layer of kale in the bottom of each zucchini boat and stuff with the veggie mix to capacity. Roast at 350’ F for about 10 min or until Kale becomes crisp. You can roast the remaining mixture for a side as well. Best served warm.


  1. I like that you use beets--I have absolutely no idea how to cook with them!

    You should take a look at this link, http://raisingorganicfamilyfarms.com/, they're giving grants to "aspiring organic farmers."

  2. Thanks, Will check out that site.

    Beets? They're great! they just turn everything purple. They go in everything like any other root veggie for a yummy sweet and Earthy flavor. :) I should post a "how to cook with beets" short...