Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Changing Seasons

Just as quickly as spring dove into summer, once it finally decided to that is, summer has taken it's dive into fall.  It has been raining in the mornings. The morning air has begun to have that fall crispness to it.  The daytime temps here have been in the high 60's to mid 70s with clouds and some wind.  not cool enough for another layer but not warm enough to avoid thinking about one entirely.  quite a pleasant way to work!  The nights have been frosting in some places, some folks have even had killing frosts as early as last week, we've heard!  *Knock on Wood* Our garden has so far evaded frosts. 

In some moments, I'm sad to see the summer go.  I know it'll be back again next year but It's so long to wait!  No worries about coats, shorts every day, no shoes necessary, farmer's tans, Swimming daily.

In other instants, I'm glad, relieved, cheering even for the wheel of the year to turn.  Apple cider, warm fuzzy wool sweaters, stick-to-the-ribs crockpot meals, halloween, thanksgiving, Yuletide seasons.

Spinning wool, garden planning, cleaning house.  Preparing for chickens, analyzing data.  Feeding sheep and playing in the hay.

So much to miss and yet so much to look forward to.  Every season has it's beat and it brings the rhythm to the year.  Always changing, never ending.

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