Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Barn Kittens!

As students were leaving town at the end of the school year this past spring, at least one cat showed up around our barn.  Shame on whomever left her behind!  She trusted her person and they dumped her at an old red barn just hoping that she might survive.  Luckily for your conscience, she did.  You forgot a detal though.  You forgot to get her spayed!

Luckily for this little kitty, I now have one known barn cat: Mama Kitty.

Yep.  I now have one barn cat and six little barn kittens in training!

Boy, are they ever cute!  I would never have known about them if it weren't for the adventuresome grey tabby kittens.  I nearly stepped on them when walking up to our sheep barn a few weeks ago to start setting up to move the sheep to a new area!  They were all the way out by the old corral fenceline, on the other side of the barn from where they spend their days now!

There are two dark grey tabbies, one blue/light grey tabby and three little black and whites, just like their tuxedo Mama.

Their eyes are still blue.  I reckon that I found them not too long after their eyes opened, making them probably about 4-6 weeks old by now and their eyes are starting to change to their adult colors now.  Alli and HannaMae came with me to check on them the other night and got to play with five of them for a little while.  (They like to hide inside the pallets next to their little nesting area and I couldn't find number 6.)  They kept my girls so busy!  Hold onto one while trying to grab another from climbing the bale of hay while another distracts by crawling across a leg.  I even convinced Mama Kitty to let me pick her up and hold her although she wasn't much on the idea of Alli petting her.  Now that they are getting to be big little kittens they can hop and jump and run quite fast!  I still haven't caught the second tuxedo kitten, number 6.  It is a good little hider.

Alli and HannaMae are now always asking to go and see the kittens now.  They even talked Papa into checking on them the other day!  Papa isn't one much for cats of any cuteness level but I think these may have pulled his heartstrings a little.

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