Friday, February 25, 2011

Lamb Update

We have now had 23 lambs this year and only a couple more ewes yet to lamb!

2 of those died, both appeared to have been stillborn.  1 lamb was a bummer lamb and has been sold to a very nice family where he will bring many smiles.

Of the remaining 20, we have several lilacs, just over half are ram lambs, a couple that are ideally spotted, and 6 sets of twins out of 20 ewes.  so far, so good.  We have one ram lamb we are considering saving for a breeding ram, and only one of the female lambs has been disqualified from the future breeding flock because of her eye split.  Unfortunately, because I do not know who sired whom, we will have to wait another year to see just who is carrying the split eye genes.
the most fun part of lambing season?  Watching all the lamb parties while mamas are gobbling down their daily grain ration.

 This is our most unique lamb.
"Cookies & Cream" from Eggplant the Khatadin-Jacob cross ewe.  Cookie is 3/4 Jacob, 1/4 Khatadin.  Isn't it interesting how the coloring genetics worked out?  You can't see it but he even has a little white beard to go with the white on top of his head.

This is Pirate's ram lamb taste-testing the strings I used to help lamb-proof the lambing pens.  He has a beautiful spotting pattern.
Aww, Mama didn't leave any grain to nibble for us!
No worries, every lamb that can be held has been held, hugged and kissed by HannaMae.  No doubts about the love given around here!

The first lambs are beginning to weight as much as Alethea so she can't hold onto any of them yet but she does give pets to the ones HannaMae is holding.
And the best part of the day as a lamb? 

Hay naps.

Of course.

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