Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Now Offering...

Home Delivery!

From now through the first Thursday in May, Omache Farm is offering home delivery of our farm fresh products!  Order right here, from our website and receive your order right at home!

We are fortunate enough this spring to have product to sell.  Unfortunately, there aren't any markets already set up in the early spring before most vegetable growers have produce.  We decided to trial another new program.  Hopefully with your enthusiastic support and patronage, we'll find the time and effort worthwhile.

If this works out, we'll likely offer a very similar program over the course of next winter.  Who knows what'll happen... perhaps someday there'll be coolers on lots of front stoops awaiting the Farmer, much like there were coolers awaiting the Milk Man...

How it Works:

Place your order via the web form on our Home Delivery page.

The day of your delivery, You'll receive an email with a finalized invoice based on actual weights.

If you live outside Pullman or Moscow, We'll work with you to set up a meeting point on the delivery date you select.


Delivery dates are Mondays and Thursdays during April and the first Thursday in May.

Deliveries will occur starting at 5pm.  If you're not home, you'll need to provide a cooler.

If you order over $25, Delivery will be free.  Delivery fee for amounts under $25 is $3.00.  Payment will be due at time of delivery.

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