Monday, September 17, 2012

Real Bacon

We might not have been able to have our very own personal pig in the freezer from this batch but we are making it a point to try most of the different cuts and ask for every bit of feedback from everyone, good and bad.
Sunday morning, we’re trying the bacon!
I’m writing this as I cook just because its so amazing, I had to share.
On the Breakfast menu?
Scrambled eggs (eggs, sour cream and a tablespoon or so of bacon grease)
Homegrown Bacon

It only took a couple minutes of warm water running over the package to thaw the bacon enough to peel apart for the pan.  Then When I had cut the end off the bag and cracked the package to take a sniff, I about keeled over because the smell was so amazing!  I keep  walking by and taking another smell.  It’s irresistible!
The slices that UI makes aren’t terribly thick but it really doesn’t matter here.  They cook through within minutes.  Which is good because I can’t wait any longer than that!
The first bit of a little end piece was incredible!

The bacon strips are a pretty good width from one pig, and thinner than I’d like from the other but that’s all breeding and our two retail pigs had very different genetic mixes.  From either pig however, there was definitely a good amount of fat but not nearly as much seemed to cook out and remain in the pan as other bacons.  The eggs cooked with just enough fat to keep the eggs from sticking to the pan are even more amazing than usual. (The sour cream makes them amazing to start with…)
In a .78 lb package, There was approximately 10 strips of bacon.  When I can get really quality flavor bacon, I typically save the grease after cooking for use later on.  I had maybe a tablespoon after cooking about 5 strips (after the initial bit for the eggs) to save for later.  It also had almost no particulates whereas most store-bought bacons will have a great deal of particulate remaining.  Didn’t even really need to run it through cheesecloth; I would have lost all my grease!
If I never had to eat store-bought bacon again, I will die a happy woman!

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